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HALO 2 UNSC Frigate WIP 3 by korblborp HALO 2 UNSC Frigate WIP 3 by korblborp
again, fairly self explanatory, more work on my frigate of the same class as In Amber Clad (you may have noticed i have changed the name from the first WIP Pic of it).
And yes, i stand by that idea that it's a separate class than the Forward Unto Dawn/Aegis Fate from H3 and the Savannah/Grafton from REACH (which seem to lie somewhere between, and among other things haven't got the vaguely poetic names previously assigned to UNSC ships, nor do they posess registry numbers..). There's just too many major structural differences. If there were a Jane's Guide.. but then, the REACH Pillar Of Autumn would clearly belong to a different class than the HALO 1 version...
Anyway, it's unclear to me at this point whether i'll make the other frigate classes.

Armament. As you can see, i've mounted some turrets (well, one, and it's in a Symmetry). Problem here is, in H2, the ships didn't have visible turrets (one can assume thet they exist,though). And, prior to REACH coming out, information suggested that the secondary guns on the FUD were railguns... Reach frigates have 10 turrets with paired 50 mm autocannon.. you realise that's less than 2 inches? a tiny gun, and ought to be totally useless against armor that shrugs off Archer missiles... I wonder if those frigates are specifically intended as close support/planetary defense..
How big is an Archer Missile? There's supposed to be 30 to a pod, and tube launched to boot. A VLS-type method makes more sense... tube-launched indicates a magazine of missiles which have to be loaded into the launch tubes, like a submarine's torpedoes. And there's a placement issue.. Also, there's a lot of surface area, perfect for placement of box launchers, assuming the frigate stays in space or goes reeeaal slow in atmo so they don't get ripped off... Personally i think a bunch of GALLILEANs in turrets (continuous power supply) would work better for point defense...
Also, Archer warheads and those cannon shells are supposed to be High Explosive. explosives lose a lot of their power in space... no air for a compression wave, and hulls that deflect reentry heat...

Space. Seriously, the majority of the space in the "forks" is presumably taken up by power trunks, control systems, and (presumably) cooling systems for the MACS. If the Pillar's corridors in HALO are any indication, one would barely fit down one of the forks! never mind the armor layer, and the weapons... Assuming, of course, that i got my measurements right, of course. I had to eyeball everything; i counted the frames on the forks -the only place where they're even- and made a spacing that made a length that felt right and didn't look out of proportion..
But according to my estimations, those side hatches aren't big enough to launch Pelicans... Falcons certainly, but...
where and how many MAC slugs are stored? and where are crew quarters, cryo bays... thruster ports....

i don't know whether the vents on the front of the engines are reverse thrusters, or ramscoops, or what...
aside from weapons, mostly what i need to do is finish the bridge and the forward ends of the side wedges.. then thefiddly bits... oh, and texturing, of course, but i'm a polys guy so i want most of the detail to be 'physical'. textures should support polys, not replace them, that's when things start looking strange..

As part of a slowly gestating idea, the above UNSC Where No Shadows Fall is part of a task force acting in conjuction with Sangheili units during post Human/Covenant War to harry the Brute military during the march toward Sangheilios. And my ODST OC Sasha "Two Guns" Templar's unit is assigned to the TF..

Ships in the Task Force (so far):

UNSC Where No Shadows Fall
UNSC Born To The Purple
UNSC All Shadows Fled
UNSC Pepper

Sunshine Girl's Honor

UNSC March Of Cambreath
UNSC God'll Get You For That One

UNSC One More Time

Born and No Shadows are named for BABYLON 5 episodes.
Born has been re-plated with Covenant-derived armor (and thus is mostly purple now) and it's turrets have been replaced with plasma turrets, and (a) MAC with an energy projector. All Shadows was used as an experimental weapons platform, so one MAC was replaced with a big particle beam cannon. All ships have been fitted with shields.
Also, i've been watching old sitcoms. See if you can figure out which two names come from which two shows.

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Lord-of-the-Stars Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
I have a friend who is a odst, his species frigates are his favorite kind of ship. Got any more I can see?
ForgedReclaimer Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Great work, the ships looking pretty good and the task force back story is pretty cool.
skydolphinCNV95 Featured By Owner May 15, 2011
your Task Force is quite small if they were to take on a Brute fleets, consider that one UNSC ship is barely a match with its Covenant counterpart, unless they got some upgrades by now.

and Ramscoops??? you play Sword of the Stars as well?
korblborp Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it's just an idea, more ships'll get added as i think of names. and i did say "harry", not full-on engangements. and they have shields, which gives them a little more staying power, plus they are acting in conjuction with Sangheili ships. probably won't be much substance to the whole thing, beyond random pictures (if i ever model other ships).

SOTS is on my list, i haven't played it yet. What about mentioning a fueling-on-the-go device triggers a question about it?
skydolphinCNV95 Featured By Owner May 24, 2011
nothing, i just found out that there are people that play sots other than myself, i've got no one to talk to about it...
korblborp Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sorry, not one of them. it was on my "Games that i want but aren't sure will run on my comp(s) so i won't buy it for a year and then it is no longer in the stores i frequent and i don't have any money to spend anmore anyway" list.
skydolphinCNV95 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011
oh, never mind, i had the same problem, i wanted to buy Ecco the Dolphin when it was out on GameGear last time, but then i kept hesitating until they were out of stock, in the end i just cried...until now.
korblborp Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
from E3, SOTS II: [link]
maybe i'll actually manage to get this one...

anyway, you could always check and see if there's a GROUP for it, then you'd have people to talk to.
skydolphinCNV95 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
i've been waiting for that game, and thanks for the suggestion:)
HELLGATEMARINE Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Great job,
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