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Guns for Phill by korblborp Guns for Phill by korblborp
My streamlined (sorta) versions of some guns that :iconphill-art: had drawn in a sketchbook which he showed me on the ride down to Otakon this year. i commented on how the layouts didn't really make sense to me. In the upper left corner -when looking at it- you can see a general layout of his original rifle; although i made be a little fuzzy on the specifics, but he did in fact line up two magazines of the same size right near the muzzle and a much larger one farther back. If you know anything about guns (and i'm no expert), you know why this doesn't make sense... at the very least, the barrel would have to be longer and the whole receiver assembly and barrel move forward and backward, never mind caliber changes... there are possible excuses, but i prefer the Keep It Simple method-though it may not seem it at first.

Most of the picture contains various views of the:
Combined Arms Personal Multirole Assault Weapon (CAPMAW)

12.5 mm Armor Piercing Weapon (with 3 or 6 round magazines)
4.5 mm Assault Rifle (two 55 round magazines)
30 mm Grenade Launcher (4 round revolver cylinder)

All weapons use some variety of caseless ammunition, and are detonated electrically (no hammer or firing pin):
4.5 mm x 35 mm Rifle Round is encased in a block of explosive with a hole in one end to give the round direction; the Grenades are shaped like finned teardrops, with a plug of charge in the narrow end; and the Armor Piercing rounds are partially encased in a block of charge.

On the mechanism: the rifle mags are set up similar to a Fabrique Nationale P-90 submachine gun, only they are each canted 45 degrees from vertical. They feed into a spiral ramp to the chamber. A flip of a selector rotates the chamber around the long axis and switches to the other magazine. While the twin-mag setup may seem awkward, it allows a soldier to reload while firing; it also allows for the arming of different types of rounds, and switching between them on the fly.
Say that there is a scenario where a civilian could get injured, like a hostage situation. One magazine could be loaded with low-velocity knockout darts, and one with standard rounds; when soldiers are taking out perimeter guards, they can use normal rounds, and flick over to knockouts when room clearing, so as not to injure the hostages. Other ammunition types include high explosive and marker (paint).
If any rifle round fails to fire -is a dud- than it drops down a tube in the grip. Dud grenades merely remain in the cylinder, and AP rounds must be manually removed if they fail.

Up at the top, you can see a vague doodle of an S-shaped SMG type; next to it is my bow-shaped dual over-under version (i like symmetry). The magazines contain 70 rounds each, and fold backward for stowage. the pistol grip also has a folding stock. this weapon uses the same round as the rifle part of the CAPMAW..
Phill-Art Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
AH sweet!! There we go. I would love to use this in my manga still, with your permission. I might change the look to my style more, but you really made my ridiculous idea into something functional.
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September 25, 2010
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