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Complete Armor, Tactical  suit by korblborp Complete Armor, Tactical  suit by korblborp
*Slight tweak to CAT Suits as previously presented*
**It should be noted that in :iconwe-r-nomad:'s alternate reality, human planetary unity and technological evolution recieved a kick-start in the early 20th century due to a failed invasion by folks in large, three-legged war machines from a nearby red place**
***Some things are from :iconcoletyger:'s descriptions, others are my own conjecture. and see nom above for more!***

Introduced to widespread use by MASA forces in the 90s. the 'Complete' refers not to the coverage, but to the fact that it fully integrates armor, environmental systems, and battlefield electronics into a single, self-contained unit. Where previously soldiers wore layers of BDUs, armored vests, separate computers and radios, separate vision enhancement systems, in a CAT suit, they are all linked. They can be fully sealed against hostile environments, have built-in heating/cooling systems and waste disposal/recycling systems. Four power cells located on the lower back provide a total of about 3 days of normal use; for extended field deployments, an additional 2 week supply is used.
The helmets contain radios, map/positioning HUDs, IR/LLA cameras and linked displays, extremely efficient air filters. Flight models have a transparent visor with integrated HUDS that links to on-board avionics. The tail displayed in this image is detachable, and links the armor's systems to compatible vehicles' systems.
The torso, hip, and shoulder sections are composed of multiple layers of woven kevlar-equivalent, titanium mesh, carbon nanotubes and impact gel. The light sections along the limbs are composed of a thinner, more flexible semi-rigid version. The dark patches hide strips of electroactive polymers (i switched to just the darkness cuz i was f***ing tired of interweaving them and drawing the damned chevrons i had designed into them) with provide a strength boost of about +50%, with the constant low-level tension also providing the same anti-g effect as the tubing in a standard flight suit.
The basic suit, by itself, was quickly nicknamed the "Kitten".
Standard infantry units equipped with this suit utilize a tactical harness that clips to the armor, with pouches for ammunition, weapons and grenades.
"Medium" infantry uses a variety of 'Snap-on' extra armor and equipment with additional support assistance which attach to hard points on the suit.

WILDCAT-optimized for close quarters combat
CHEETAH-high mobility
TIGER-heavy armor/weapons

Heavy Infantry personnel wear their CAT Suits inside full exoskeleton/powered armor.

AMAZON mostly utilizes EMP and high-powered ECW systems as weapons -due to the need to rescue fair maidens from the metallic clutches of the French Maid Planet's forces- as opposed to projectile, breaking-shit weapons. This saves space and weight of ammo storage at the cost of tremendous power consumption for attached ESF systems. Consequently, battles are frenzied. However, when engaged in the more standard mercenary activities which are necessary to sustain them, this limitation is not necessary.

****Will design Tetrarak-specific model.


"Changable Armored Trooper"-sounds like a transformer
"Combat Armored Truss"-sounds like a hernia thing

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ColeTyger Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
interesting design tweek

and i always pictured the visors as blank, unless the gals gave them a bit of "makeup". and that they could be lit from within to allow a more prisoner friendly visage than a simple mirrored faceplate

and since the mark 2 was redesigned by Cybertronians, sounding like something out of transformers is no crime :P
korblborp Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
they are blank, those are cameras and sensors, and the air filter- the visors are opaque.

remember, these are my take on the CAT Suit, which originates with MASA suppliers. am pondering Tetrark-designed ones, will be different...
ColeTyger Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
carry on then :P
korblborp Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i realized that maybe that sounded wrong- they are my take based off of your descriptions, based on somthing nomad said, i guess... but i did make a Tetrarak design. still got a fearsome visor, though...
we-r-nomad Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011
I like the suit with the plain black areas, as opposed to the mesh versions. I'm amused that the change was motivated by ease in drawing. I've frequently found myself that an intricate design that looks wonderful on a "one-off" picture can become a pain in the backside when one has to draw said design with any frequency.

You know, your sleek, high-tech interpretation of the CAT Suit is beginning to win me over in preference to the "Knight in shining armor" style design I've been using. It's more in keeping with the spartan sleekness of the rest of their arms and equipment.

My only issue is the mask here. While the helmet is nice overall, the small round eyes detract from the overall bad-assery of the rest of the ensemble. I suppose this is to present an more innocuous looking visage to captives accustomed to the company of evil robots, but I still think a more predatory looking face-plate would be a better aesthetic match.

Aside from that minor issue, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to draw this design at some point. It wouldn't be the first time I "canonized" another artist's design. I was going to have Nomoko wear a silver miniskirt, until Sicherheitpolizei showed me how cool she'd look in a long dress :XD:

I like the idea of "C for 'Complete'", as it represents the integration of functions inherent in the suit, but I think a better sounding synonym might be in order.

Comprehensive Autonomous Tactical Suit
korblborp Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no, don't kick the Powered Armor! it just needs a catchy acronym, which i believe i already did AMPE. Note where i say heavy infantry wears this under their powered armor, and in new and upgraded vehicles using the system link. AMAZON only has a relatively small amount of Powered Armor.. the thing is, i was having a problem with the Raytheon/SARCOS exoskeleton style i was trying to utilize with it.. this description is a compromise: the basic suit is tough BDUs, the attachments turn it into a light exoskeleton.

faceplates aren't really supposed to look like anything 'cept a vague resemblance to a cat's face.. idea is that soldiers would apply personal or unit markings to them. remember, they aren't originally AMAZON issue, so looking innocuous isn't really about in the gameplan, just utility. probably will redesign anyway, since while MASA probably likes things to look functional, they also would like the predatory look.

and utilizing this is fine by me, it is your universe- i've said that before.

Comprhensive Armor, Tactical suit?
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February 25, 2011
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